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Strawberry Bathbombs

Are you looking for Manufacturer that can supply your stores with Luxury Bathbombs? Contact Nosh International Ltd .

We are proud to introduce to you our Nosh Strawberry Relax Bathbomb. We are a registed ltd company,  And license approved to sell Cosmetics.

Nosh Strawberry Bathbomb Fizz softly releasing its moisturizing ingredients in your bath.
Great For Moisturizing & Improve Skin Care:  Our bath bombs infused with Cocoa and Shea plant essential oils as well as Vitamin E for moisturizing the body. Soaking with it, make the skin more elastic, but also deep cleanse and improve your skin, such as itchy and dry skin.

Using regularly makes your skin healthier and softer. Enjoying all the Pleasures of a SPA Aromatherapy at Home: Enjoy a romantic aromatic bath for releasing you from the whole day’s fatigue and help you immerse yourself in pure joy, you’ll get soft, soft and moisturizing skin.
We are making this product available to you at a very low price. Contact us today

Think once think twice think Nosh